The Ultimate Sports Exercise, Training and Development System.

Patented technology and Trademarked FITBAG turn your punch bag into a fighting machine. 


FITBAG is capable of measuring the Power, Speed and Accuracy of a hit from Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Combinations. 


Your FITBAG connects to your FITBAG App on your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac, allowing you to compete against leader boards locally or online.


Local play enables others to join in at home or a club. 


Gaming Technology combines with sports science to enhance your skills and help you achieve higher outputs by developing muscle memory and are excellent for High Intensive Training sessions.  


​Players can develop their personalised combinations, play opponents locally or online and create Group or Clubs.

Challenges can be expanded to the broader audience by joining the FITBAG Club.

Personal Leader boards and competition leader boards allow players to monitor their performance and exercise with other like-minded people from around the globe. The best part is that you can compete with friends or family without anyone being hit or hurt. 

FITBAG drills develop better coordination and muscle memory and are excellent for High Intensive Training sessions.

Compete with Friends or Family without anyone being hit or hurt. 

Young or Professional, FITBAG is calibrated to your level of power, fitness and performance.

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FITBAG Training endorses High Intensive Interval Training


FITBAG uses High Intensive Interval Training Programs. Research shows, depending on your workout levels, you can burn between 354 - 558 calories an hour.


Our FITBAG total body Mixed Martial Arts Program will help you push yourself to the limits of both physical and mental ability.


FITBAG won't only burn lots of calories but is super fun either training by yourself, locally with friends and family or online with the wider FITBAG Club community.


Order your FITBAG today to get FREE MEMBERSHIP to the FITBAG Club and Receive the FREE FITBAG APP. 

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